Welcome to the Wormhole!


Badgerson Stromboli

Badgerson Stromboli (she/her) is an African-American lesbian woman and affable lady thief. A previous member of the Charleston Shoe Thieves, her social engineering skills and her sleight of hand made her very important to the team. She is perpetually pursed by a problem causing badger, described by one splorts journalist as ‘like the Waluigi to Paddington Bear’. The badger is also named Badgerson Stromboli (he/it), and is often called Badge.

Rosa Holloway (he/she) and her giant snail assistant Football hail from Baltimore, where Rosa received his training in paramedic studies. Now fallen to Ohio, he splits her time acting as medic at community events and games. She also frequently spotted at local protests where he is the first to offer her knowledge and abilities to those in need of aid. Holloway cares very little for personal looks and shaves his head frequently, and on her downtime, he spends time knitting or visiting the great lakes.

Itsuki Weeks (She/her) is often spotted deep in the archives of NASWA, pondering some mysterious device that has fallen to pieces. She has a knack for putting things back together and that is thanks in no small part in her ability to loop back in time by one week. Many folks see her as abrasive and short-tempered but that is only because she hates having to repeat herself. When she grows close to someone, Weeks is likely to be a great help in unimagined ways.

Ovid Schofield (AM/Mirror pronouns, or Ram/Rams pronouns) joined the Worms with Fall Ball. Ovid was previously in the shadows of the Core Mechanics. OVID (all caps) is sometimes described as a collection of radio frequencies of unknown origin, manifesting in a humanoid body with late 1990s fashion sensibilities. At other times, Ovid (lowercase) is described as a friendly sentient excavator, invigorated by a mysterious signal that urged Ovid towards a blaseball career. By all accounts, OVID/Ovid is an over-the-top positive influence on the team, constantly supporting teammates and encouraging smiles.

Winnie Hess (she/her) was the last player to fall onto the Worms during Fall Ball. Previously, she was a beloved pitcher for the Kansas City Breath Mints, and has also played for the Rising Stars and the Baltimore Crabs. She is generally described as a humanoid horse and has exactly 1 horsepower. Additionally, Winnie has been diagnosed with ADHD and speaks publicly about how this affects her and her blaseball playing.

Jorge Kahvegian

Jorge Kahvegian (he/they) is a human, roughly 50-55. They are rumored to have appeared in Wapakoneta mere hours before the NEW* Return of Blaseball. With nothing but his motorcycle, leather vest, and 15 other members of the Kahvegian family he waited. For his vigilance, Kahvegian was added to the Ohio Worms roster and now plays in defense of the sport itself. When not on the field Kahvegian can be found coercing the rest of the team into a road trip, hanging out with JB and Rosa, or tuning up one of the numerous vehicles in the House's new garage.

Archie Yanez

Archie Yanez (they/wy) is a smaller-than-average Dineobellator and lineup batter. Gifted originally to the team as an egg by the Wyrms, wy communicates primarily with an AAC device and sign language, though wy isn’t afraid to make wyr feelings known through other, louder means such as dinosaur vocalizations and biting. They are interested in human behavior and society, as well as accessible design, especially as it relates to architecture. They are an intelligent and friendly creature who always wants to know more about the people around them.

Ajax Murphy

Ajax Murphy (he/him) is what remains of a sailor knocked off his ship during a storm in Lake Erie roughly 100 years ago. When a heretofore unknown force asked him if he wanted to survive he agreed, not knowing that he would be transformed to stone and cast into a century's long slumber at the bottom of the lake. There he remained unaware of blaseball or the blackhole. When the return came, the force that Reserved him, woke him and set him on a path to The Ohio Worms clubhouse. Currently he trains with Winnie Hess to learn the basics of Blaseball, and her dedication to the splort is starting to rub off on him.

Malin Hsu

Malin Hsu (she/her) is a college baseball player from Hong Kong. Earning a spot at a US east coast school, she travelled on a cargo ship to the US and encountered the Worms team at a train station, and was immediately added to the roster. She is often confused by the workings of Blaseball but loves the weird world that it is.


Nathaniel Wilds

Nathaniel Wilds (he/they) was the team captain for the Dallas Steaks during Short Circuit 2. A nature spirit of uncertain origin, he was forced to work at a casino with the rest of the SC Steaks, painfully aware that his existence was temporary. However, when NaN was alternated, Nathaniel suddenly emerged from the Static in their place to become a pitcher for the Ohio Worms. He is stoic and quiet. So far, he has had difficulties connecting with both his teammates and the unfamiliar nature in Ohio. He is, however, making an effort to better understand his new team and to gain the trust of the Worms’ sentient House.

Jacob Winner (He/him) was born in Hawai'i and fell to Ohio after a short tour through the ILB. He is high energy and health focused, finding catharsis in lifting weights and running laps. Upon falling to Ohio, Jacob reopened the players gymnasium as The Winners Spa, in an attempt to encourage the team to relax their bodies and minds. Winner dedication to ceramics has found him expanding his horizons, using large cement printers to construct many of the buildings around NASWA and the museum

Denim Alfredo (he/her) is a player for the Ohio Worms, and has been with the team since Fall Ball. Alfredo has previously played in the shadows for the Seattle Garages. Denim Alfredo is the code name for an individual who plays for the Ohio Worms. Denim adopted this name as a secret agent, allegedly associated with the mysterious “Sandy Loam.” After using this code name on one of Blaseball’s infamous Legally Binding Contracts™, Denim Alfredo became the individual’s true and (ultimately) accepted name. Denim is genderfluid, and usually goes by Deni, Alfie, or Denny.

Johnnyboy Aster (bud/buds/budself) is the groundskeeper for the Ohio Worms ballpark on Wapakoneta. Rumor has it that bud employees a variety of unorthodox techniques to keep the playing field looking well managed and in order. Bud can often be seen having some sort of exchange with many of the mechanical features of the ballpark, either using ASL or biologic means. Bud runs on vibes, and if things start to get hairy around JB, Bud is prone to wilting

Arturo 'Arty' Huerta (he/???) fell to the Worms during Fall Ball. He was previously a player for the Seattle Garages. Not many can perceive Arty, and for those that do, perception varies widely. He is known for telling jokes while remaining perfectly deadpan, and is known for turning ordinary situations into a party simply with his presence. Additionally, Arty plays marimba and enjoys gardening.


Mcdowell Mason (he/him) fell onto the Worms during Fall Ball. He was previously a player for the LA Unlimited Tacos, the Chicago Firefighters, and the Rising Stars. A sasquatch on the outside, Mcdowell is soft on the inside, and is often thought of as the team dad. As one of the strongest team members, he is known for removing players from tense situations by picking them up. He also has a strong liking for Baja Blast.